COX-2 Inhibitor Drug Review

Supplemental results to the large COX-2 inhibitor review in JAMA: "Adverse Effects of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors on Renal and Arrhythmia Events: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials"

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Supplemental results for etoricoxib (ARCOXIA) . Please view the desired forest plots below. Bars represent the upper and lower 95% confidence bounds, X-axis label is "Relative risk".

Note: Etoricoxib is still undergoing development. Several large trials underway or have been completed but results remain undisclosed. Thus, these results are only considered temporary and tentative, awaiting further data.

[For information on methods and primary results, please see the original article]

[Additional tests for publication bias for each COX-2 inhibitor available here]

Composite Renal

Peripheral Edema


*Renal Dysfunction and Arrhythmia forest plots not shown due to limited number of trials.

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